I was watching a show last week called Super Soul Sunday.  I don’t get to watch it that often but whenever I do, I get inspired.  On this particular episode they were discussing success. Basically the bottom line is that when you are successful you have figured out how to connect with who you are.  You are authentic and you are truly in touch with yourself.  I know that when I create I am being myself.  When I connect to others in an open hearted way I am being myself.  My desire is to do these things regularly.  This makes me happy and that is ultimately to me, success.

I have decided that I am committed.  I am committed to the daily practice of painting and drawing and by doing this I am committing to the daily practice of being open.  I want to be open.  Being open also makes me happy.  As an artist I have a desire to learn, improve and express.  By doing these things I am automatically connected to my subject and I love to tell their story.  I see the lines around their eyes and the curves on their faces.  They are all similar and unique at the same time.  There is no shortage of interesting people.

When I start this daily project I went into the unknown.  I started with a pencil drawing to work on shading.  I felt inspired to add some color as time went on and quickly started splashing color with washes of watery acrylic.  I realize that I like this and I may even like watercolor.  I would never have known that if I didn’t make the committent and let go so I went for the ride.  I’m still taking the ride.  That’s life right?  I love all of the interaction and support.  It’s been so much fun.  It’s all a journey and mostly I’m just grateful that I get to be myself.

While writing the above post in a journal I turned the page and there was a poem that I had written in 2003 that was expressing this very same thing.  Crazy right?  I thought I’d share with you….


Within each heart there’s a light

burning inside each of us

A flame ignited at the instant of birth, that carries truth, clarity and guidance

And yet as we grow and bury our souls

brick by brick, blow by blow it is hidden

When we seek future goals, our light seems cool coals

and the truth from within seems forbidden

It is not for the weak of heart to journey within to find that spark

and once more follow it’s warm loving call

For we must work hard to be who we are

and continue to climb as we fall

Within our hearts are the answers

down deep beneath all we’ve learned we should be

To reconnect with out inner light

To live our truest life

and finally be set free

3 responses to “Authenticity

  1. so beautifully said..thank you

  2. I hear you, Lauren, loud and clear. You echo many of my own goals and aspirations.

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