30 Faces


A couple of weeks ago I decided that I needed start to break out of my creative comfort zone and create daily and share for accountability, thanks to the support of a special friend. It is very hard for me to share my work often because I feel that it is imposing and that I am asking for too much by sharing. I think that this is what holds me back in general from truly living my life as a full blown artist, working as often as I possibly can. This challenge holds two benefits. One is that I will be creating every day for 30 days and the other is that I will have to break out of my comfort zone and share much more than I feel comfortable sharing. It is very vulnerable and I often avoid the whole thing by turning away from creating in the first place. I’m not saying that I never create, it’s just not nearly as often as I could be.

I have always drawn and created. This is not only a small part of who I am, it is the biggest part of who I am. When I grew up I was known as an artist but I minimized it to a large degree and took this gift for granted. I created always but not to the level that I could have. This is a very personal relationship, the one to my art. It has the potential to lift me up to the highest version of myself. As I get older I get tired of pushing it aside. I need to create to be a fully happy person who is at ease.

My children were off for two weeks and went back to school today. When their vacation began, my challenge began. This was a coincidence but also a great lesson. Not only did I do the work daily when they were home, but we were all happier. I don’t feel tight and irritated like I am slightly suffocating. I feel at ease. They left this morning and I will miss them. This is because I have been giving myself a gift daily. I love art and I love all of the people who have taken a minute out of their days to look at my work, like it and share a comment of support. This means so, so much to me. This is helping me to take that in. Nothing in life is done alone. We need each other.

Lastly I want to say without being preachy, if there is something you love to do, do it. That is what we are here to do. If you don’t know what you love to do, just allow yourself to be happy.

2 responses to “30 Faces

  1. Maria

    So truly happy for you!

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