I have stumbled upon my blog again after quite a long time.  Time flies I guess.  This is a world full of passwords and I can’t seem to stay on top of it.  I’m happy to say, I have reset my password and I’m ready to begin again.  I am entering a new phase in my art.  My desire is to loosen up and let go more.  I want to express freedom through my art and have the freedom to express. Freedom is a word that I love.  I remember seeing a monument in Washington DC when I was around 13 that said, “Freedom Is Not Free”.  I remember wondering what that meant.  I now know what it means but I’m not sure that it can apply to all areas.  Can we be free to be happy?  Do we have to pay for that or fight for that?  Do we have to fight ourselves?  Are we free to create or do we have to pay for that somehow?  Can we allow ourselves to be free?  I always think of life as a seesaw and I try to stay in balance.  I am often not fully in balance, but I strive to be.  This thought brings me to the act of saying no.  I am always impressed by people who can say no.  When your cup is about to runneth over (not in a good way) how hard is it to say no?  I don’t know if this applies to men as much as it applies to women.  We don’t seem to like saying no (except to our children.  I personally hear myself saying no to them a lot).  How do we carve out space for ourselves?  Allow ourselves some freedom?  Freedom to express the unique part of ourselves that we were meant to express.  I would like to offer a challenge to all that may be reading this.  Can you carve out a little time to feel free?  What makes you feel free?



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